Why you should be concerned about where you spread your clothes

Clothes are meant to be washed and dried, either with the aid of washing machine or manually done. Washing clothes does not only imply that one is neat it also shows that one is health conscious. Properly washed clothes can keep germs afar. It’s not joke!
I was very surprised the day I discovered that germs, bacteria and some microbes can be transferred through clothes sharing. Do you share clothes with someone?


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Stapphyloccus can be transferred from one person to another through mere clothes exchange. Most staphylococcus eggs are present in sweat. 

The above is one of the reasons why you must soak your clothes before washing, dry the clothes properly.
Outside drying the clothes with a machine, most people dry their clothes under the sun. Now this is my concern. Hanging your clothes on lines ans hangers are good.
Most people who live in spacious places often maximize their space by spreading their clothes on grasses. Ehen! This is my concern. See why you should not spread clothes on grasses.
Spreading clothes on grasses can cause an infection called “Folliculitis” 
Folliculitis is an inflammation and infection of hair follicles, the tiny openings in the skin from which hair grows. Folliculitis is due to the entrance of bacteria into the follicles.Folliculitis is most commonly the result of of staphylococcal bacteria. This causes inflammation and most times red rash that is bumpy. The rash can occur anywhere on the skin or scalp.
The body tries to attack the bacterial infection by sending white blood cells (infection fighting cells) to the infected follicles. This can result in the formation of pus-filled blisters. In most cases, folliculitis  leads to the development of boil. 
Read more on folliculitis . It is safer to be safe. Avoid spreading your clothes on grasses.


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Are there other things you would like to share on spreading clothes on grasses?

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