5 tips on how to handle multi talents and still remain coordinated


A Talent is the skill that someone naturally has. Most times is a gift from birth that comes to limelight when properly harnessed.

Let’s look at “Talents” our major concern today would be on ways to strike a balance as a multi talented person.

Talent is a beautiful thing. It distinguishes one from his or her equals. Some people have one talent, some two and some have multiple talents.

Overtime, I’ve discovered that a person who is mono talented does better than a multi talented person. Why? The reason is this: the person with just one harnesses it, trades it consciously because that is the only one he or she has. Who would want to lose the only thing in his or her possession? Constant use of that same talent makes it better.

Soloprosper Abuchi said” Multitalented people just need to focus on the predominant gifts,others will flow easily with it. It’s not easy anyway, just pay attention to all areas of your strength, there is one gift in there that connects and drives others” and I say “This is true!
How to stay coordinated yet handling the multiple talents: 

1) Schedule your Focus in bits:
In order to manage your talents and gifts better it is very important that you pick a particular task or talent and focus on it for a specified time period, this will allow you to delve deeper into it,develop the talent more and improve it greatly, you can always return to the other talents as soon as your set time is due. Let’s say you sing more than you play an instrument. More attention should be given to the singing.

2) Try to finish what you started.
One major problem with being multi talented is the fact that you get to have a long list of things to do and achieve, but the major problem comes from  finishing any of those set goals or task. Sometimes we develop an attitude of pick and drop..
When you start a task, ensure to finish it, try to finish whatever you say you will finish. This makes you more productive and focused

3)Do not over criticize yourself.
Avoid noticing flaws and loopholes all the time. You are human and you are trying to attain perfection but not perfect , while you work on your gifts and talents towards perfection, you need to make sure you do not destroy your personal motivation and energy. Seeing only faults and not the things you do well can be a distraction. You might be tempted to look for a new talent and abandon the old that seems unfruitful.

N/B: Channel your multiple talents and gifts right and face whatever challenges that may come on each with boldness and willingness to learn and get better.

4) Understand where your strength lies and work more on them, focus more on them and ensure that you do better at them.

5) Learn to write things down, so as not to get lost in the chaos of your over active self.
when you are multi talented, there is always that tendency to start multiple tasks almost at the same time and trying to carry all of them through, but it is best you write your major tasks down so as to stay focused on them and know which you have to deal with and any other that pops up, you can easily ignore till the first is fine-tuned.

The above steps have been working for me. It can work for you too. Thanks for reading.


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Ehe! (I just remembered) The parable of the talents is a beautiful example that none of the talents should be left untreated but must be handled carefully..

Any other suggestion?

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