There’s a new label on the blog(hurray) It is titled ”women”. It will be focusing on women. Anything you can imagine about women will be introduced there (gradually). It promises to be fun filled, inspirational, educative and interactive too, comments, suggestions and questions are allowed. Nobody is an encyclopedia of Yes, nobody. I’m expectant already

Yea, the exclamation mark at the title bar is intentional. I hailed women with an excitement in my spirt as I typed that. So if you are a woman in here eh”I HAIL YOU” If you are a man eh” I greet you too”

Women are amazing beings, full of uniqueness. The fact that they can multi-task sends chills in my spine.A woman can set a pot of food over a flame, put clothes in the washing machine, watch over her sleeping child, move around the house to set things in their rightful places and still do the dishes. Her ability to manage several things same time is simply lovely and unique . Who is with me on this?lol

As unique as they are, challenges aren’t afraid of coming near them yet they strive to persevere to the end.

Eunice Aguiyi wrote”
She’s beautiful without knowing it.
She’s smart without flaunting about it.
She’s funny without over doing it.
She’s strong without forcing it.
She’s amazing without seeing it.
She’s the perfect person but doesn’t believe it.
Out of all the women in the world, she’s the one I’m glad to know.
She’s YOU!  Every woman is worthy to be made happy and smile  Proudly a woman!!!


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Aww. The poem resurrected a fresh kind of love in me.. Lol
What kinda thing would you like to be reading on this label as a woman? Please comment o.. It boosts my

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