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Happy new month to you great minds. The year has started going
It’s a count down already.
I would like to thank God for January, February and March that will gradually unfold. God will cause us to March forward this March in Jesus name. Amen!
I’ve discovered overtime that:
“we are who we are”
“We have what we have”
“We can do the things we can” only by God’s grace.
It’s been tough, fun, challenging, sweet, happy and hopeful times all through. Through it all God has remained faithful. You know walking with God is sweeter than anything you can imagine why?
It gives one confidence.
The Bible says”I will not leave you nor forsake you ” aww God is ever mindful of us. That challenge will not swallow you. Keep trusting. Don’t quit. Trials don’t last forever. They must pass away.
Ways to stay poised while waiting for those answers.


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Be positive: “I will never leave you nor forsake you. 

God can never abandon his own. He never sleeps nor slumber.
Be thankful: Make your request known to God with Thanksgiving..
Having prayed, give thanks and be expectant.
Keep praying and praising. Don’t stop praying. Keep praying till you receive answers. 
Act like a Victor already. Walk with your shoulders high cos God isn’t done with you
God will meet us at our points of needs.
You are lifted.
Do you have more suggestions to add. Please feel free to comment. It will bless someone.

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