9 amazing ways to Improve your reading habit


Trust the day has been great? I’m glad you love reading as this post will make reading more interesting to you.

Reading can be fun atimes it can be boring. Readers are leaders. Show me a man of one book and I can tell you the sphere of his knowledge.

Reading makes one smarter, highly informed and knowledgeable. No book read at one point or the other is a waste even reading a particular book repeatedly. There’s still something to learn.

If you are passionate about reading and you’ve cultivated a healthy reading habit already. Please don’t quit. I’ve been in an interview where I was asked a question I saw in a book. A book that I picked casually and read was what saved me an embarrassment. You can imagine that..

How many books do you read in a month?
Have you ever wondered how some people just know much about almost all things or topic that you talk about during conversation?
well the answer is not far fetched, They are great Readers. Readers are highly informed people.
They world we currently live in has been aligned to favor those with information more.
Information is power and what you know, determines how far you see things.
The age that we are in right now is called the information age and that is simply because INFORMATION IS KING right now. He that is informed leads and rises above those who aren’t.
 I want to share with us, some tips on how to be better readers and how to stay informed.

You don’t have to be a great reader to start. It is very important to start from whatever point you are right now in reading.
You must not be a fast reader or even able to understand all that you have read to start but you need to start with your current pace and the level of your reading skill and speed.

 Find books on areas of Interest: If  you are a sports fan, you can start by reading sports newspapers and magazines and articles on sports. and if your area of interest is other fields, you can start of with books or articles on that particular subject of interest. This will go a long way to motivate you to keep reading because you are actually reading something that is of interest to you and something that you are passionate about.
 Find materials that are at your level of understanding.
It is important to find materials that you will find easy to read and understand or material that will only be “a little” challenging to you while reading.
there is no point reading a material that you will always have to check the dictionary and look up words before you can understand its meaning and then return back to the material you were reading
it is stressful and it will kill your reading drive and passion. ( If you are still trying to cultivate reading as a habit)
Stay on the same subject for a while and read deep: if you are interested in a particular subject or topic, it is best you do not just stop at reading articles alone on that subject , but you have to read other materials and books on that particular subject of interest.
You can even read different books by different authors but on the same subject, so that you will get an in depth knowledge on the subject you are reading about.
 Scan the books or magazines before you read:  It is good for you to take a quick glance at the content of what you are likely to start reading, take a look at the title of the book, its content , its table of content. so that you will have an idea of what you are about to read and you will have the passion and interest to keep reading further.
 Let your imagination get involved: it is very important for you to be able to imagine and picture what you are reading about, that is when you will find the subject very interesting and it brings the book to life in your mind. Learn to enjoy your reading without being too analytical and asking too many questions in your mind. it will most likely cut you off and get you distracted and you end up loosing interest in your material.
 You don’t have to worry about what you don’t understand in the material.  It is very important to note that you do not necessarily have to understand everything in the material that you are reading,
where you do not understand, kindly proceed further and enjoy the rest of the material that you can understand. Reading should be enjoyed and if you try to understand every word that is written in the material in the same way the author wanted you to understand it, you may have problems enjoying the book. You can enjoy the material when you interpret some part of it in your own way and also understand some part of it in your own way also.
 Focus on the material that you are reading and ignore the immediate environment around you, so that you can be able to understand the content of the material.
Silence the sounds around you and the noise everywhere and even the noisy thoughts that flashes through your head and mind which are unrelated to the material you are reading about.
 Practice: Once you start, even if it’s a page a day. Do not stop. keep practicing daily and weekly, set targets for yourself that you must meet.
You can decide to read a book in one month or in two weeks, use all your free time to practice and read. When you keep practicing, you become consistent
with it, your reading habit will improve.

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Be inspired!

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