Love story


Marriage is a good thing.
The Bible says” He who finds a wife has found a good thing.
       Our story
Our meeting was a divine arrangement…well she happened to be under the watch of my department in church for over 3years.

We were friends just as I was with the others, but the year the feelings began to exceed friendship was just like a dream.


By May I proposed to her and here we are in December about to wed. We still joke over the whole tin, it still feels like a dream.

Na joke joke im take start, just like yesterday. We started as friends ( just friends) but now it’s deeper than just friends.. Lol
I’m so happy that I’m getting married to MY FRIEND.


( The exemplary)
You see, most serious things started jokingly. Most of the things we take lightly end on serious note. They started as friends.

When most people say they can’t marry their friend, I wonder what they


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Congratulations Sir Oto and BB.
God bless you Union and grant you the desires of your ..

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