The exemplary family ii


Hello friends, how has it been? Trust we are pushing through? Let’s talk about the family, an exemplary one for that matter.

The society will never be in existence in the absence of families. Do you agree? The family contributes a great deal to the society. The family is meant to be a place of comfort and not a war front.

A family where peace reigns is an exemplary family. A family where everyone understands his or her role and plays it effectively.

There are many needs in the family..
Family members need certain things such as good food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education,transport and lots more. All these are referred to as family needs. These needs must be provided for a smooth running of the home.


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For these needs to be met, the family will have to use what it has such as money,energy,time,abilities and skills of members of the family. There are needs to be met in the home but most times the resources are limited.

Responsibilities should not be left sorely on the shoulders of a particular member of the family. Money is not the only thing that can be contributed, advice,encougement, concern. Ways to curb these limitations will be discussed in the next post. Thanks wonderful friends for reading. Feel free to drop your comments.

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