Facts about panty hoses

Panty hose also known as sheer hose covers the body of the wearer from waist to feet. Over the years, it has appeared as a convenient stockings for women. They are usually made from nylon. They come in different sizes and designs.


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Panty hoses are combination of hosiery and underwear, they can be fully fashioned. 

Panty hose are made from different materials ranging from cotton, nylon, net..
Most panty hose glue to the body when worn while some are net-like and so many other designs.
Do people still wear panty hoses?
People still wear panty hoses and look very beautiful in them. The most important thing is wearing it rightly. Choosing the ones with good quality and the ones that suit perfectly.
You can imagine the sight of a beautiful lady on a beautiful panty hose that suits her perfectly. It’s a woah sight!
If panty hose are not worn by people anymore, have you ever wondered why new designs flood the market?

*They hide imperfections such as bruises, blemishes, burns, scars or excessive hairs. 


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*They are very stylish when properly worn and the opposite when worn wrongly.
*They add more beauty especially when they suit the skin color.
*It is advisable to buy good quality to avoid embarrassment.
*Freezing water is best for washing hoses
*Wear gently and properly

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