Health benefits of tomatoes that we barely know

We all consume tomatoes on daily basis and we often use it to cook a variety of meals. Do you know tomatoes can be used for facial treatment?Have you ever asked yourself, what does tomatoes actually give to the body or what the benefits you derive from tomatoes are?

This post is to share with you, some of the health benefits of fresh tomatoes and why it is good for you to keep consuming more. Those that are into tomatoes trading will have lits of sales this season.Tomatoes have been part of our cooking ingredients for centuries now, from generations after generations it has maintained its relevance in various homes and kitchens worldwide.

Here are a few benefits you derive from eating fresh tomatoes:

1) It helps prevent different kinds of cancer: Lots of studies have been carried out on tomatoes and it has been found to contain some components like Lycopene; which helps in fighting different kinds of cancer in the body.


This component in tomatoes  helps to reduce the risk of suffering from some few kinds of cancers like stomach cancer and prostrate cancer as well.

2) It rejuvenates the skin: Eating fresh tomatoes helps your skin to stay healthy and rejuvenated. Some facial cleansers contain some content of tomatoes, that is because scientists have discovered its effect on the skin and how it helps to keep the skin fresh and shiny.

3) Tomatoes provides the body with anti oxidants: Consuming fresh tomatoes helps the body to build anti toxins and anti  oxidants which will help in the fight against radical toxins and oxidants that affects the blood. It cleanses the body of radical  oxidants and keeps the blood free from them.

4) It helps to lower blood pressure : Tomatoes helps to keep the blood pressure regulated and it also lowers the cholesterol levels and helps prevents heart attacks as well.

5) Tomatoes improve vision:  consuming fresh tomatoes helps to improve the sight and reduce the risk of night blindness. It is very good for sight.

There are lots of other benefits that can be derived from tomatoes, much more then we have mentioned in this post. Ensure to always eat some fresh tomatoes, also use fresh tomatoes for your meals more often.

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