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Nothing for Christmas? See this!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
O yeah! Christmas is around the corner. Lots of people are planning big for the celebration. Many are stalking their wardrobes, making beautiful dresses and lots more. All these are cool no doubt.

Some people are worried already, some people are not moved a bit, some people are looking for ways to meet up the standard some folks created for them.

Christmas is meant to be a period where celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. His birth in our hearts and lives buh NaAy! most people have turned it to something I can't find an adjective to qualify. Notwithstanding, all things are working out for good.
Don't allow the wind of materialism to push you into River Mississippi. Be wise.
Don't do things because people are doing. Be yourself and live your life to the fullest. Isn't it funny that the month of December is the month most people consume all their life savings from January to December all in the name of celebration. Don't be tempted to follow the crowd. Season's greetings.
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