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Sure ways to maintain a positive attitude towards work and general lifestyle

Monday, September 11, 2017
In a world where too many things are demanding our attention at same time, is it really possible to maintain a positive attitude and be sane while handling all that needs to be handled? YES!

Lately, I was almost losing my head. Awww! A lot of things were demanding my attention at same time. All these things were very serious things that I cannot discard any or relegate any of them to the background. I had lesson notes to wrote as a full time teacher, I had blog posts to make, I had my Facebook pages to maintain, I had a manuscript to complete ( new book alert) and of course I have my daily chores to attend to. Which should I abandon? NONE!

The truth is that: If one doesn't take time, one might get pissed off with the load of work to do and at the end of the day,none is done,one isn't happy and additional load meets the present...Below are practical ways to maintain a positive attitude towards work and general lifestyle.

1) Create a to- do-list: Firstly, know that one cannot handle everything at the same time. It's beautiful to note that there are lots of things to be done.  You are practically write them out one after the other.

2) Start from somewhere: Start from the reachable to the unreachable. Start from where you can. If it's arranging the office first,do that before concentrating on other duties ( as the case maybe)

3) Be organized: Don't put two fists in one mouth. One at a time. When one is completed, face another

4) Catch some rest when you are tired, no matter how little they time might seem. A 5 minute rest can fix a lot. Rest when need be.

5) Strive to aim above mediocrity. Don't be comfortable with your present state. Stay updated, read,get information, invest in yourself

6) Develop self discipline. Be disciplined. You can train yourself the way you want to. Know when to say "Yes" and when to say "No". Control your desire.

7) Flee from procrastination
Be persistent
Select carefully
Be tolerant
Stay happy
Dress well and don't forget to wear a good smile

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