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A Stitch in time saves Nile,Nine?

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Procrastination is deadlier than disease. It is a killer if time. Time lost can never be regained. Time is a valued asset to those that appreciate IT.

The saying " A stitch in time saves Nine" has raised lots of questions in my heart ans head. Questions like" Shouldn't it be Nile? Why nine?...

In my head it should be "A stitch in time saves Nile" why "Nile" you may ask..
We all know that Nile is a river and a very big one to start with. This simply means that a stitch in time saves, prevents lots of damage. A torn dress when stitched is saved from tearing beyond( becoming a Nile) the present state.

I couldn't understand why"Nine" was there in saying in the first place till I saw This!

Indeed, there can be multiple words for one particular thing. Different words, same meaning.

2 comments on "A Stitch in time saves Nile,Nine?"
  1. wow....saves nine more stitches.English is really old😀


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