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Why you shouldn't remain there

Friday, January 13, 2017
Hello friends. Compliments of the season. How has it been? 
Trust we are pressing gradually? Hope we've made plans to make the weekend a memorable one. Lol

Surfing the internet after work one day, I came across this picture. Immediately, I got motivated to write a post in relation to what I saw beyond the picture.

The picture reminded me of so many things. It reminded me of how we keep ourselves bound unconsciously, how we remain in our comfort zone, how we feel arrived when we achieve little feat. As these were going on in my mind. I began pondering. I reached for my phone.

As I was pondering on my childhood stage. Lots of thoughts flew across my mind. The question " how did I get this far? Popped out. I started recalling on some funny things I did as a child. Let me sound like Bro. Paul in the Bible" When I was a child, I talked like a child..", now I'm grown( Glory to God) Childishness is sooo far from

There were things I did then, I wished I never did. There were things I was supposed to do that I never did. All these happened for certain reasons. Should I say, the reasons are justifiable? NAY! They aren't.

One of the foolish things I did was "HIDING"in the name of  "I don't want to be noticed". I hid a lot to shy away from things. I saw myself as being humble, meek and trouble free, without knowing I was killing myself. 

At the earlier stage of my life I never believed much in myself. I trusted others' sense of judgement more than mine because I thought I was exhibiting humility ( it was that serious) I was so scared to try out new things. In class, I would rather tell another the answer to the question thrown open to the class than answer it. I preferred writing to speaking.

I hated extracurricular activities. I thought all those things weren't needful, I saw them as " Show- off(s)" My teachers would always preach long sermons to talk me into participating. Each time I agreed and participated, it would always turn out well( I mean very well)

One of those times, our teacher asked a question. I knew the answer but I was too shy to say it. I didn't want to be noticed or termed "intelligent" I just wanted to BE THERE" I loved be hidden( Bad thing) I whispered the answer into someone's ears and the person answered the question openly. She was applauded and my teacher shook hands with her. Do you know what it means for a teacher to give you a hand shake then? But wait o! Come to think of it, who answered the question? 

With time, I discovered I was killing my gifts unconsciously, I had to crack the shell, i had to leave my comfort zone. I told myself that " I won't remain where I was". it wasn't easy but I did it. My life became better. I saw myself striving to be better in the things I was shying away from. I saw myself getting better.

What has kept you bound?
What has placed a limitation on you?
What's the venture you know you want to go into but fear wouldn't let you?
What walls has that she'll built around you, that you run around in there like a nut?

Don't remain there. If you can't run, hop, if you cant hop,walk, if can't walk crawl. Just keep moving


Don't remain there for stagnancy is not humility.

2 comments on "Why you shouldn't remain there"
  1. Wow! Such powerful words here. No more hiding in 2017. It's time to shine!


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